Sounds, athmospheres and effects

We search and examine different possibilities for sound and creative tools in music, movement and painting. We examine how to create atmosphere.

Making music and improvising in small groups the participants come to terms with musical parameters.

By consciously dealing with sounds and the way of playing the participants will extend their own potential for expression.

    Listening to sound and silence

    Exercises and games lead the participants to experiences with sound and silence. We explore and discover it’s quality and pose the following questions: How do sounds arise?  What effects do (…) read more

    Trumpets in motion…Brass meets Feldenkrais

    We explore the relationship between breathing, posture, play feeling and sound —-both with and without an instrument and also using Feldenkrais instruction. This helps the participant discover how playing can (…) read more

    All about rhythm

    The participants will come to terms with rhythm and sound through practical exercises and games. These and many more questions will crop up: Is there a relationship between rhythm and (…) read more