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Embouchure revisited

- Developing embouchure

“I particularly liked the input, lots of good ideas, the pleasant atmosphere, the interchange…
We need more seminars like this,- I `ll be definitely coming back!”
Ulrike Arzet, freelance trumpet player, Berlin

How do I build embouchure?
What is needed to develop good embouchure?
How can I solve embouchure problems?

First experiences with an instrument determine whether playfeeling comes easy and effortless.
I will show how your pupils can adopt a positive approach to playing and building their embouchure from the very beginning.
I will give you effective work tools which help create an awareness for developing lip vibration, tongue position and activity and airflow.

Topics :

  • First lessons – discovering embouchure
  • Basics for embouchure buildung – promotes esay playing
  • Embouchure problems – where do they come from?
  • Lip, tongue and airflow exercises – universal work tools

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