About me

I have been teaching trumpet and brass instrument methodology at Dr. Hoch`s Conservatory, Music Academy in Frankfurt since 1990.

I also regularly hold seminars and workshops throughout the whole of europe.

I am the author of the trumpet method „Auf dem Schlauch gehts auch“ and also the brass teacher`s manual „Ideenkiste fur den Unterricht“.

I have over 25 years experience in teaching and playing concerts.

I have a wealth of new ideas for teaching methods.

I am still curious about what each new day will bring and with all my heart and soul I am interested in finding solutions and developing ideas.

I am grateful to have met so many inspiring people in my life


I see myself as an impetus-giver. I want my work to generate ideas, explore new avenues, open new areas of perception, find solutions, promote creative potential and to motivate and inspire.


Music played an important role in my parent’s home. I started playing the piano when I was 9 and started with the trumpet when I was 12. Soon afterwards I (…) read more