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„We have been waiting so long for such a brilliant early brass teaching textbook.“ Neue Musikzeitung

„We highly recommend this treasure trove of ideas“
Schweizer Musikzeitung

The Textbook for early instrumental brass teaching.
Home made trumpets out of garden hose pipes, bugles, child friendly exercises and games teaching the basics of playing brass instruments through fun and games and getting your pupils familiar with musical fundamentals.

A wealth of suggestions and incentives for teaching the learning arena.

We use garden hose pipe trumpets and bugles to teach children breathing and embouchure, because we don´t want to burden them with large and heavy instruments.

The first games and exercises in the textbook are written in graphic notation so that the pupils slowly get acquainted with real notation.
We then proceed to the pocket trumpet or cornet with a variety of blowing exercises and songs, which aren´t too difficult for children to play.
In the teacher`s section you will find help with embouchure, blowing techiques, rhythm training, dynamik, musical forms and aural training. You will find practical suggestions and exercises in all of these sections.
The approach is playful and creative. You will also get on hand knowledge of working with groups.

    Ideenkiste für den Unterricht

    The definitive guide for successful brass teaching: with working methods, practical aids, and a wealth of tips and tricks in all areas of learning. 
Stimulus and inspiration for everyday teaching
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