Trumpets in motion…Brass meets Feldenkrais

A new look at brass teaching

A DVD with recommendations and guidance for lively and effective brass teaching 
The film opens new avenues in teaching and shows how trumpet teaching methods can be improved.

We show ways

  • To develop breathing, embochure and play feeling, which lay the foundations for light, effortless and resonant instrument playing.
  • To develop musical expression

Including an exclusive interview about learning with the neurobiologist Prof. Dr. Gerald Hüther.

The DVD shows 5 trumpet workshops for children and young adults ,between the ages of 5 and 20.
The workshops were held in conjunction with the feldenkrais practitioner Annegret Lucke.

The workshops are a combination of trumpet tuition and feldenkrais lessons and in this environment our pupils come to terms with blowing techniques and other musical issues.

We demonstrate

  • How they explore the relationship between posture, breathing, play feeling and sound and become aware how trumpet playing gets easier
  • How the pupils discover the possibilities of musical expression and how they extend their repertoire
  • How they develop their own ideas and inspire each other with their new found observations.

Workshop 1
Breathing, posture, play feeling, sound
Discovering possibilities of musical expression

Workshop 2
Coming to terms with different types of articulation
Shoulder blade awareness, – an easy way to hold the trumpet

Workshop 3
Communicating within the ensemble
The beginning is easy
The first trumpet lesson

Workshop 4
Sonatina Von both
Tongue technique and musical expression
Connection between head, jaw, breast and pelvis

Workshop 5
Sonatina with piano accompaniment
Communication when playing

Interview with Prof Dr. Gerald Hüther about learning

Price: € 25

    Early instrumental brass teaching

    A workshop of working methods, suggestions, games and tips for child friendly brass teaching. This DVD shows excerpts of an 8 hour workshop for brass teachers in Luxembourg on 24.3.2014

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