Film for the Certosa Verlag

02. December 2020

A wonderful film about a great project: Eight female composers created Christmas compositions for trumpet and piano.
It was a great pleasure to present the compositions together with the pianist Eunhye Bading for the Certosa Verlag.
Many Thanks to the excellent team from Surridge Films!

New Trailer “Early Instrumental Brass Teaching”

20. October 2020

Let’s propose the hose!

Early instrumental brass teachting –   again and again a great pleasure for me!

Have a look at my new trailer!
Many thanks to Surridge Films for producing the clip!

30 years “Early Instrumental Brass Teaching”

07. October 2020

An interview in the “Neue Musikzeitung” (sorry- available only in german 🙂 )

“Brass in motion” in Guben

21. September 2020

“Brass in Motion…Wind players meet Feldenkrais”- that was the seminar I gave together with the Feldenkrais practitioner Annegret Lucke in Guben, organized by the “Verband der Musik- und Kunstschulen Brandenburg”.

With and without instruments  the participants could examine the relationship between movement, breathing, play feeling and sound. They got to know methods for teaching that promote an easy play feeling and natural sound develoment.

It was a great time!


“Tips and Tricks for Brass Teachers” in Potsdam

19. August 2020

Back on the road again now that corona lockdown has eased up!

I had a great start with my workshop “Tips and Tricks for Brass Teachers” in Potsdam for the Brandenburg Association of Music and Arts Schools.




Exceptionel Times

23. March 2020

Due to the Corona crises unfortunately all my seminars and workshops have been canceled until this summer. As soon as I hear that these events are allowed to take place again I can start planning new courses .

For further information look at “Dates”, my Facebook page and my newsletter.

Stay healthy!

Looking forward to seeing you again soon!

Lesson plans for the youngest children

16. November 2019


How do I create lessons with very young children? – that was what of my seminar at the Musicschool Echternach in Luxemburg was about.

The participants could experience exercises and games and dealt with the metodological approach.

It was a great day with a lively exchange and I enjoyed it a lot!


(deutsch) Bewegen, wahrnehmen, entdecken

21. October 2019

Sorry, this entry is only available in German.

Seminar in Burgenland

25. August 2019

“The early beginning with brass instruments” -that was my seminar in Austria at “Burgenländisches Musikschulwerk”.

The themes dealt with in the seminar were how to shape the beginners lessons, building embouchure, developing blowing techniques and musical abilities right up to the first concert.
I presented child friendly, playful and efficient methods and the participants were able to practise and experience them at first hand.
It was a great day and I had a lot of fun working with the group!


Trumpet week with Reinhold Friedrich in the Elsasss

29. July 2019

It was a great pleasure to show working methods, practical aids and  tips for trumpet teaching at the trumpet week with Reinhold Friedrich in the Elsass.

Thanks so much for a wonderful and enriching time in the midst of the great trumpet family!


The new edition of “Auf dem Schlauch geht’s auch”

08. February 2019

What a nice surprise by post- a packet from the publishing house:

“Auf dem Schlauch geht’s auch”- the new edition of my textbook for early instrumental brass teaching!

trumpet Days in Luxemburg

25. October 2018

I had two wonderful days in Luxemburg last weekend:

Giving workshops for young trumpet players and playing in the concet with the trumpet ensemble “trombuco” was a great pleasure for me.

Sounds, athmospheres and effects

17. September 2018


“Sounds, athmosheres and effects”- that was my workshop for youngsters last saturday.

The athmosphere was great and we had a lot of fun improvising, experimenting and making music together!

18 years “Auf dem Schlauch geht’s auch”

20. August 2018

My textbook for early instrumental brass teaching has been around now for 18 years!

My lessons, seminars and workshops on this subject have been around even longer. I’m very grateful that I had so many enriching encounters during that time.

A lot of new ideas, games and working methods have been added, many things have developed- and I’m still passionate about it!

Roll on another 18 years!!


“Wind players meet Feldenkrais” in Kloster Michaelstein

10. May 2018

“Wind players meet Feldenkrais – Ways to ease and sound” – that was my seminar together with the Feldenkrais Practitioner Annegret Lucke last weekend in Kloster Michaelstein.

We spent a fantastic day in wonderful surroundings with a group of people who were very motivated and open.

It’s always a great joy for me to see how the paticipants experience how their playing becomes easier and sounds better and how they discover the relation between body and the development of sound.


“Early instrumental brass teaching” in Mecklenburg- Vorpommern

18. April 2018

Last saturday I gave a workshop for teachers of the music schools in Mecklenburg -Vorpommern about “Early instrumental brass teaching”.

All I can say is: It was all very well organised and there was a lovely atmosphere during the workshop.

Thanks to all the participants for your eagerness to learn, your willingness to join in and giving it a try and also for your questions. I enjoyed working with you immensely. 🙂


Let’s proprose the hose

19. March 2018

“Let’s propose the hose” was the motto of my seminar about early instrumental bras teaching last saturday.

Hose pipe trumpets and bugles to teach children the basics of playing brass instruments and  learning in a joyful, lively way through child friendly exrcises and games. – that’s what the seminar was about.

I had a great day wih the participants!


“Early instrumental brass teaching” in Pirna

06. March 2018

I had a great time in Pirna at the music school Fränkische Schweiz last saturday! There I held the seminar “Early instrumental brass teaching –  let’s propose the hose”.

It was about working methods with hose and bugle which in a playful, child friendly way, promote blowing and musical development.

The participants experienced how to plan lessons in a child friendly, efficient and lively way. I enjoyed the exchange with them a lot.




11. December 2017

Last Saturday I held a workshop called “Soundseekers” for young Trumpet players at the Evangelische Sing und Musikshule in Stadtallendorf.

How can I find a good sound? How does it work in a group when all are playing together? Which sounds can I use to express certain feelings?

These are the tasks that the children were confronted with. The motto was listen closely, feel, observe and develop ideas.

The children were attentive and creative and at the end they produced great  ideas on how to set a story to music

I was more than pleased to have worked with this group.

Creative instrumental teaching

13. November 2017

We all had a great time last Saturday with my Workshop „Creative instrument teaching“ at the Kreisjugendmusikschule Stade.
It was great fun working together with the particpants. They acquainted themselves with exercises, games and new approaches to solving problems and developing teaching content. They could put their ideas into practise helping them to develop new approaches to their teaching routine.
At the end of the day, as always, my desk was in a state of creative chaos and I had a good natter with the participants … right up my street 🙂

Trumpets in motion

06. November 2017


Last Saturday I held another workshop for Trumpet Students with the Feldenkrais practioner Annegret Lucke … Trumpets in motion … brass meets Feldenkrais – a voyage of discovery examining the relationship between play feeling and sound.
Does it matter where I look when I’m playing, how I’m standing or how I position the trumpet?
How does my posture or footing affect my sound and fluency?
The participants came to terms with these and many more questions. They made many new discoveries, had lots of Aha experiences and a great deal of fun.

Rhythm is it!

05. October 2017

“Rhythm ist it!” was the title of our workshop for trumpet students last saturday.

With the help of exercises and games they were able to experiment and get acquainted with the way rhythm manifests itself in sound, speech, colours, pictures and movement.

The youngsters were on top form and full of great ideas.

I gave this course together with the feldenkrais practitioner Annegret Lucke.

They were a lively group and we had a lot of fun!

Workshops for youngsters

01. September 2017

The summer break is over and I’m looking forward to my next projects!

I’ll be holding two seminars for teachers entitled “Creative teaching”

I’ll also be holding two workshops for youngsters: “All about rhythm” and “Trumpets in motion…Brass meets Feldenkrais”.

The youngsters will come to terms with rhythm and sound through games and exercises. Also they will experience how the way they play interacts with sound. Working as a group provides a lot of opportunities to develop new ideas and for mutual inspiration.



Trumpets in motion…Brass meets Feldenkrais

15. May 2017

Ways to an easy play feeling and natural sound development and appropriate methods for brass teaching which promote easy and carefree playing and encourage the development of sound- that´s what our seminar “Trumpets in motion…Brass meets Feldenkrais” last saturday was about.

It was a great day!


Motion, Ease and Sound

27. April 2017



“Motion, Ease and Sound…Wind players meet Feldenkrais”- that was the title of the seminar on April 22./23. which I was holding together with the Feldenkrais practitoner Annegret Lucke at the International Music Academy Schloss Kapfenburg.

The group could experience the interaction of movement, posture, the way of playing and sound by using exercises  with and without instruments

We worked on everything that is important to promote good sound development, effortlessness and easy playfeeling.

Working with the participants was great fun!

Treasure trove of ideas in Passau

13. March 2017


Back from my seminar in Passau:” Toolbox for teaching” –  Enjoyed this day a lot!

Working methods, practical aids, tips and ideas in all areas of brass teaching – that´s what the day was about.

The topics were:  Embochure, breathing, rhythm and musical expression, encouraging the learning process, mobilizing groups and practising in ensemble lessons.


Online learning: An article by “Clarino”

27. February 2017

Online learning- a topic which has occupied the instrumental teaching for some time.
Does it really work? What´s possible? Where are there limitations?

Follow this link to an interview with me which the magazin “Clarino” published:

Interview in the “Neue Musikzeitung”

13. February 2017

There is an Interview with me in the “Neue Musikzeitung”.

The “Frankfurter Tonkünstlerbund” did it , but you can only read the shortened version.

Have a look at the complete interview (german).


Two seminars at Tiroler Musikschulwerk

06. February 2017

Just held two wonderful seminars in Austria at the “Tiroler Musikschulwerk”: ” Early instrumental brass teaching” and ” Embouchure revisited”.

Working practices, suggestions, games, tips, conversations to the topics child friendly and efficient way of teaching, building and devloping embouchure and everthing that´s important related to this – that´s was what it was all about in these two days.

The lively interaction with the participants was great fun!


A moving concert trip to Israel

06. January 2017

I´ve just returned home after a wonderful  concert tour in Israel.

It  was a moving experience playing Bachs b- minor mass in Jerusalem, Bethlehem and Nazareth.

Voilà – the trumpeters (with Lauraine Carpenter and Nir Zemach)!

My seminars will resume in february. Looking forward to it!

Listening to sound and silence

05. October 2016

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“Listening to sound and silence” – a workshop for youngsters last saturday in collaboration with the Feldenkrais- Practitioner Annegret Lucke.

We all came to terms with sound and silence using games and exercises: Listening, feeling, exploring and discovering …the students experimented with sounds, developed new ideas and inspired each other, thereby promoting more creative and expressive playing.

It was so much fun!  – we´ll be back again soon…

Discovering the way to sound

28. September 2016

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„Trumpets in motion..Brass meets Feldenkrais“ was the title of our seminar for brass teachers last saturday. It was about everything that is important to promote good sound development, effortlessness and easy playfeeling. For example we explored the relationship between the ease of tonguing and the the flexibility of the pelvis… Just like the title of the seminar it was a day with a lot of movement, very lively anf fun …. great!

Workshop for young people in Stadtallendorf

28. June 2016

IMG-20160626-WA0012  IMG-20160626-WA0003  2016-06-26 23.47.45  IMG-20160626-WA0005

Games and exercises concerning rhythm, sound and musical expression – that´s what my workshop last saturday at the “Evangelische Sing- und  Musikschule Stadtallendorf” was about.

It was a lively day with students between the age of 8 and 19- it was just the way it should be….


Workshop at the Landesmusikakademie Hamburg

02. June 2016

Hamburg 28.5.2016 (2) Hamburg 28.5.2016 (3) Hamburg 28.5.2016 (4) 20160528_142235-2

“Creative wind instrument teaching” – that´s what my workshop last saturday at the Landesmusikakademie Hamburg was about.

It was a day with working methods, practical aids, tips and ideas in all areas of wind teaching.

The participants focused on how to approach and resolve in a variety of ways problems associated with blowing techniques and with music generally.

Enjoyed this day a lot!

“Embouchure revisited”

20. April 2016



Building and developing embouchure – that´s what my seminar last saturday was about.

We focused on how to adopt a positve aproach to building embouchure from the very beginning and how to solve problems.

Working with the participants was really great fun for me- I enjoyed this lively seminar day a lot!


Online lessons with “Play with a Pro”

06. April 2016

I´ve signed up with the teaching platform “Play with a Pro”.

Looking forward to giving support, practical aids and fresh ideas to brass teachers all over the world.

Have a look:



Frühinstrumentaler Blechbläserunterricht – ein sehr schöner Seminartag

02. March 2016

FullSizeRender-7 vlcsnap-2016-03-01-12h34m29s273 _1020840 _1020537

Am letzten Samstag hieß es “Frühinstrumentaler Blechbläserunterricht – Auf dem Schlauch geht´s auch”…In diesem Seminar konnten die TeilnehmerInnen jede Menge Arbeitsmethoden, Anregungen, Spielen und Tipps zur kindgerechten Gestaltung ihres Unterrichts kennenlernen.

Mir hat es großen Spaß gemacht, mit der Gruppe zu arbeiten!


Nächstes Seminar: Frühinstrumentaler Blechbläserunterricht

01. February 2016


Das nächste Seminar mit dem “Know-how” für den Frühinstrumentalen Blechbläserunterricht

findet am 27.2.2016, 10 – 17 Uhr, an Dr. Hoch ́s Konservatorium, Frankfurt/ Main statt.


Frühinstrumentaler Blechbläserunterricht -„Auf dem Schlauch geht ́s auch“
Ein Seminar mit Arbeitsmethoden, Anregungen, Spielen und Tipps für den
frühinstrumentalen Blechbläserunterricht.
Sie erfahren, wie Sie Ihren Unterricht kindgerecht, effizient und lebendig
gestalten können.
•Besonderheiten des frühen Anfangs
•„Lernen im Spiel“
•Förderung von Lernprozessen/ Gruppenmobilisierung
•Organisatorische/pädagogische/methodische Voraussetzungen
 Hier ist der
Flyer  zum Runterladen

Tolle Rezension meiner “Ideenkiste für den Unterricht”

02. December 2015

Ich freue mich sehr über diese Rezension meiner “Ideenkiste für den Unterricht” in “Flöte aktuell”:

“Dass Regina Heng Pädagogin aus Leidenschaft  ist, spürt man an ihrer “Ideenkiste” deutlich. Sie, selbst Dozentiin fürTrompete und Blechbläsermethodik, gibt darin fantasievolle, anregende und effiziente Übungstipps und Spielideen, die nicht nur den Unterricht von Blechbläsern auf lebendige Art bereichern. Nachdem Heng uns die verschiedenen Lerntypen ins Gedächtnis gerufen hat, gibt sie  einen kurzen Abriss über diverse Lernmethoden,  Voraussetzungen und Altersstufen. Zahlreiche Arbeitsmethoden mit dem Hinblick auf unterschiedliche Unterrichtsformen ergänzen den wissenschaftlich didaktischen Teil des Buches, bevor sich die Autorin ausführlich dem Hauptthema widmet, in dem sie ihre Tipps und Tricks für die Lernfelder Ansatzbildung, Atmung, Artikulation, Tonbildung, Dynamik und Rhythmus uvm.offenbart. Der rote Faden der Ideenkiste orientiert sich an einem sinnlichen Erleben, lebendigen Entdecken sowie einer schöpferischen eigenen Kreativität der Schüler, die gemeinsam in der Gruppe oder mit ihrem Lehrer in ihren Lebensbereich des Erlernens eines Blasinstrumentes vorstoßen. Auch erfahrenen Pädagogen finden in dieser Ideenkiste zahlreiche Impulse und Inspirationen,  neue kreative Ideen zu Problemlösungen individueller Schwierigkeiten einzelner Schüler und spielerische Anregungen zum Vertiefen instrumentenspeziefischer und blastechnischer Aspekte.”

Start des Seminars “Trompete in Bewegung – Blech trifft Feldenkrais”

20. November 2015

Am letzten Samstag ging´s los mit unserer Fortbildung für BlechbläserlehrerInnen “Trompete in Bewegung- Blech trifft Feldenkrais”.

Wir haben uns mit all dem beschäftigt, was wichtig ist, um beim Entwickeln von Ansatz, Atmung und Blastechnik ein müheloses Spielgefühl und Klangentfaltung zu erreichen.

In Übungen mit und ohne Instrument und in Feldenkraislektionen ging es um die Wechselwirkung von Bewegung, Atmung, Spielgefühl und Klang und die Bewegungszusammenhänge des Körpers.

Auf der Basis der dabei gemachten Erfahrungen und Erkenntnisse, wie vieles leichter gehen kann, gab´s dann auch jede Menge Übungen für den Unterrichtsalltag.

Es war ein sehr lebendiger Seminartag mit einer tollen Gruppe – da macht das Arbeiten Spaß!

Dem Wunsch nach einer Fortsetzung  werden wir entsprechen: Teil 2 wird voraussichtlich am 19.März 2016 stattfinden.

Neues Seminar “Trompete in Bewegung- Blech trifft Feldenkrais”

24. October 2015

Ich freue mich auf den Start des neuen Seminars “Trompete in Bewegung- Blech trifft Feldenkrais”

Vorstellung der DVD “Trompete in Bewegung- Blech trifft Feldenkrais”

10. October 2015

Wir haben die DVD “Trompete in Bewegung- Blech trifft Feldenkrais” an Dr. Hochs Konservatorium vorgestellt.
Für die Schüler usererer Workshops, die sich jetzt auf der Leinwand erleben konnten, war das ganz schön spannend..
Danach gab es viele anregende Gespräche mit Eltern, KollegInnen und interessierten Zuschauern…und so viele positive Rückmeldungen- darüber habe ich mich riesig gefreut!

Unsere DVD ist da

06. September 2015

“Trompete in Bewegung- Blech trifft Feldenkrais” ist ab sofort erhältlich!
Ich freue mich sehr – dieser Film ist wirklich ein Herzensprojekt, mit dem wir Lust auf andere Wege und Sichtweisen in der Blechbläsermethodik machen wollen.

Neuer Trailer zur DVD “Trompete in Bewegung”

06. August 2015